20 Something

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Afraid I'd feel out of place because of age difference 9
Three year anniversary coming up - ideas for a fun mini vacation? 2
What would you do if you don't like what was fixed for dinner?
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Life not married? Anyone life a happy life not being married and no kids? 14
Finding the right way to talk to my parents about moving out? 3
Moved to a new country. Feeling isolated.. 7
Feeling so bad regarding a birthday gift I received. 7
bodybuilding,ballet and aerial trapeze! what are you doing for the next 6 months? 0
finally got a job 1
Birthday Gift Ideas for the Boyfriend! 4
Cooking Help..
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Moving during school! Advice needed 8
Learned a hard lesson about being sensitive to other people 18
Advice about a work/life responsibility. 1
Groups of friends and Exes 1
Lack of Independence- no social life, just graduated from college 11
Teaching English abroad? 18
Moving across the country on my own...should I get my own apartment or share? 5
Can I complain to my landlady about this? Call the police with a noise complaint? 10
Moving out? 9
roommate leaves dishes.. 12
My ebay days are over! (just a moan) 17
I'm an adult and I'm terrified of getting a tiny cavity filled 19
Is this even going anywhere? 1
Help my friend find a wedding dress she can waltz in 9

Page 7 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10