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Why? provides results!

  • Top-ranked in important dance search topics at all major search engines
  • Most trusted online source for dance jobs
  • Best ranked and most popular dance site in the world
  • More than 150,000 registered members and growing
  • Upwards of 8 million page views every month
  • Members have posted more than 5 million comments and tens of thousands of photos
  • Powerful custom software delivers unique member-contributed content
  • In short, we're a big happy family that loves to dance and have fun online

How? It's easy!

  • Flat monthly fee, your costs are capped
  • No contracts
  • You can do it all online
  • We will track visits to your link
  • Secure credit card payments via Paypal, the leader in online payments
  • Free ad design service

What types of ad campaigns are available?

  • Jobs and classifieds
  • Targetted text ads
  • Global text ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Homepage 200x200 Ads
  • Email Blast Ads


Jobs and classifieds is the top-ranked site for dance jobs. Your job listings will appear online and will also be emailed to our newsletter recipients. You can add photos to your listing, and we will display a map to your business. To advertise jobs, click on the forum where the job listings are shown. Then click on the "Post" button. Here are direct links to get you started quickly (make sure you're signed into your account):

To post teaching/instructor jobs: . . .

To post general dance jobs: . . .

To post choreography jobs: . . .

To post studio jobs: . . .

To post studios for sale: . . .

To post studio rental space: . . .

New! Wrap Around Skin Ads

Your message can appear as a skin around the top and sides of Click the thumbnail below for a sample. If you are interested in pricing or taking out an ad, send us an email at

Banner Advertising is the #1 destination for dance on the Internet. According to, we have more than 5x times the reach of our nearest competitor, so you know your advertising budget gets the best value at We offer affordable ways to promote your business with banner ads. Choose your size, number of impressions, and location to run the ad. We can guide you in creating a plan that will fit your budget. In addition, we can design your banner ad free of charge!

Site-wide impression-based banner ads

Your ad will run across the majority of's pages for a set number of impressions. This is the best way to reach our broad dance audience and massively increase your branding. We get upwards of 4-8 million page views every month, so you know your brand will receive amazing exposure. $3 CPM in increments of 100,000 impressions.

Take advantage of this special discount pricing by locking in your campaign dates before rates increase! Click here to start rotation of your own 728x90 banner ad.

Forum Sponsor 160x80 Ad

Your 160x80 ad will be displayed in a specific forum thread topics page. (Example page.) The price is $20 / 30 days per topic page.

Click here to start a new ad for Forum Sponsor 160x80 Ad. Global Text Ads text ads appear between comments making them useful while being unobtrusive. Unlike third-party ad networks which can be easily blocked or filtered, these text ads come from our official site and are seamlessly integrated into our content. Global ads are displayed in all content categories and forums, and cost $25 for 30 days of rotation.

Start a new ad for Global Text Ads. Targeted Text Ads

Now you can specify the forums to concentrate ad viewership. Are you a disco fashion label? Target the disco dance forums. You can similarly target studio owners, teachers, ballet, jazz, hip hop, etc. Your targeted ad will have high priority over global ads. Currently, targeted ads are priced at just $30 for 30 days.

Start a new ad for Targeted Text Ads.

Weekly Website Advertising

You can also target your ad to specific sections at This lets you zoom in on your target audience, and with fixed pricing, you know exactly how much to budget.

Section Approximate Weekly Views Leaderboard Rate (728x90) Skyscraper Rate
Jobs & Auditions 20,000 $200 $100
Disco 500,000 $500 $250
Ballet 100,000 $200 $100
Irish 200,000 $300 $150
Highland 175,000 $200 $100
Jazz 15,000 $50 $25
Modern 5,000 $50 $25
Music 20,000 $50 $25
Teachers 50,000 $200 $100
Studio Owners 25,000 $200 $100
Advice 100,000 $100 $50
Arts 50,000 $50 $25
Home Page 100,000 $500 $250

Week-long Home Page Takeover

We'll work with you to design a winning campaign right on our home page. Be sure to reserve your spot before they're all taken. This is especially useful to announce your dance event or media launch. Your ad will take up the majority of the home page, so this is maximum impact for your ad budget. (Only navigation and a simplified job listing remain on the right.)

Click here to start your home page takeover for $999 Newsletter Ads

With over 50,000 opt-in email subscribers, will put your ad in our hugely popular news, jobs & audition newsletter. Sent out every Tuesday.

The following newsletter slots are available

- Leaderboard Ad (728x90) - $400 (one slot available per week)
- 3 Skyscraper Ads (160x600) - $300 - top, middle, or bottom

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