Adult Dancers

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How long does it take to achieve RAD intermediate? Adult looking to teach one day... 5
Anyone know where I can get a ballet barre album with teacher instructions on it? 1
NYC school with performance opportunities for adults? 0
Been Away for a few Years, Coming Back to Chase my Dream - Am I Crazy? 13
Maintaining an ballet based exercise and stretching routine while raising small children. 2 images 5
Dance Companies for ADULTS in the NYC area? 2
I want to be a dance teacher... help needed 1
Competitive Dance As An Adult 2
any historical period dances or balls in NY state? Looking for the colonial period 1
Whom should I call or write to find a great private adult ballet teacher in NYC? 2
need advice on dance types 13
I love my dance class this year. 2
Work Thru Dizziness Dancing/Tumbling 4
References for Ballet studios in Halifax NS Canada 0
Harrisburg Heat Indoor Soccer Dance Team Audition 0
Studio angst- seeking insight 5
Desk Jockey Exercises? 4
Did anyone see Rhythmic Gymnastics in the Olympics? 14
Balance and strength for a new dancer. 4
Thyrooooooooid! 14
My recital is tomorrow and I can't wait! 3
(EDINBURGH) How To Get Into College? 0
dance, baby, husband issues :/
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So THAT was a fantastic waste of gas... 21
please please please help ! 2

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