Advanced & Professional Ballet: This group-only forum is for advanced and professional ballet dancers and teachers to discuss advanced techniques and professional issues. If you are pre-pro or a professional (dancer or teacher), please click the Apply button to submit an application to join this group. The caliber of discussions here will be maintained at a high standard. Non-members are welcome to read and learn from these discussions.

Advanced & Professional Ballet

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Sticky: New Introduce Yourself thread (other one is too old and wont accept new posts)
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Butler University 0
Re-occurring psoas injury... what should I do? 8
Trainee Programs 0
Rank these ballet colleges in order of prestige? 3
Dance Institute of Dallas offers FREE Men's Ballet Class 0
Newcastle Dance Collective Looking for Dancers in Transition 0
How to schedule rehearsals around the dancers' day jobs? 0
Your strengths and weaknesses, even as a pro or pre-pro? 2
Advice on RAD Advanced 2 6
How to get the job 2
Colorado Ballet 1
Good schools to train at full time 11
What's going on in your dance world? 3
Need some advice 4
Poll How old will you be when you will hopefully get into a company?? 15
Any currently active professionals here? 6
How Old is "Too Old" To Play "Giselle?" 4
A wonderful program for young professional dancers 1
What can we do... 4
Audition Dutch National Ballet 0
Auditioning for companies? 0
Poll should I audition for companies for the experience 4
Poll How old is too old to audition to be a professional dancer? 6

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