Advanced & Professional Ballet: This group-only forum is for advanced and professional ballet dancers and teachers to discuss advanced techniques and professional issues. If you are pre-pro or a professional (dancer or teacher), please click the Apply button to submit an application to join this group. The caliber of discussions here will be maintained at a high standard. Non-members are welcome to read and learn from these discussions.

Advanced & Professional Ballet

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Would you be willing to commute 3 hours a day to your dream school? 111177YumYumDoughnutFri Aug 05 10:37
Variation Ideas? 111874mia_dancerFri Jul 29 21:52
Anyone for artistic comment on how the stlye of these dances should be ? 6890Lyle17Sat Jul 23 20:38
Next year's schedule, how's it sound? 61110duct_tape_dancerSat Jul 23 11:10
Choosing between joining a company and having a family 91247PongoWed Jul 20 22:46
Parents want a better future for me 31669RianeFri Jun 10 15:07
Need help with advanced ballet move. 21097DancinCatWed Jun 08 18:44
Discouragment... 4873megamelfinaWed May 25 07:54
Apollo Variation by Mr Balanchine 2890Lyle17Thu May 19 05:46
My mom doesnt believe in me anymore! 61829BalletDancer01Tue May 17 12:44
is this possible? 53014KristyBallerinaMon May 09 17:55
Entrechat six vs. entrechat six de vole de cote 42732Nattie_FaerieSun May 08 17:44
i was wonderin if anyone knew a good summer dance program for teh mid CA area 0421BalletBroncoSun May 08 13:31
i was wonderin if anyone knew a good summer dance program for teh mid CA area 0345BalletBroncoSun May 08 13:25
Interview for Professional Dancers, Please Reply!! 0734onmytoez4evaFri Apr 29 10:56
Poll If you were graduating from dance college, what would you rather do for the end of year show? 41064devilzsoupFri Apr 22 05:41
fouette help 51167candygirl14_2002Mon Apr 18 00:50
is this possible? 0461KristyBallerinaSun Apr 17 13:48
Could you please help me making a training-concept which helps tp prepare for auditions? 4737DswesdaThu Apr 14 20:30
A 22-year-old late starter with only 2 years of ballet....and wanting to become pro? 118488DswesdaTue Apr 05 09:05
My Own Studio. 81061LADY_DIVASun Apr 03 19:57
College vs. company 172182SylphieMon Mar 28 12:39
Could you please help me making a plan how to prepare best for auditions? 0488DswesdaMon Mar 28 07:43
I need help finding a PAID professional dancer to interview. 4872SuperPointeDivaTue Mar 22 09:56
Teaching others 8862LoudDancerMon Mar 14 09:00

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