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Advanced & Professional Ballet

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Re grands jetes en avant. 1
Colleges, Universities, and Conservatories with Vaganova-style Ballet 9
Professional Schools in Europe that accept older students 7
Hamstring Problem.... In shows on a ship right now and have three months left HELP! 2
Still looking professional in a more relaxed environment? 4
Stars of Russian Ballet Gala in Michigan, August 28 opening of Ballet Russe Detroit ballet company 0
Fordham/Alvin Ailey BFA 4
post your 2010 fall schedules once you know them 2
Gargouliades!! 8
arch enhancers? 3
Poll Toe Padding--Yay or Nay? 24
sotashas (or flick jetes) 3
RAD advanced 2 1
Company auditions 0
Trainee Programs. 4
Does Cologne, Germany have a ballet company? 1
I need your help with a course- all help appreciated 0
The Nutcracker with Stars of the KIROV Ballet & ROYAL Ballet Covent Garden 10 images 1
Vamp Elastic? 1
Suggestion for female variation 3
Where did you go this summer? 4
any DDNers with contracts? 2
what is the hardest variation you've ever learned? 24
Auditioning! 2
Unions--Pros and Cons 0

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