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Advanced & Professional Ballet

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Poll Do you feel it is beneficial to go back to the basics? 10
does anyone know anything about Friends University dance program? 2
Go to NYC to do professional level open classes or enrol in a full-time program? 6
Gargouillade help 2
Kitri's Entrance - Don Quioxte tips 1
Apprenticeship/Traineeship programs in Europe 1
professional dancers who went to college? 4
Wish me luck at YAGP! 2
audition for SYTYCD? 2
A good pre class routine???? 3
Pre-Teen Beginner jazz class suggestions needed!! 0
Triple Priouettes En Dedan, Help Please! 3
Brise Vole- arrrgghh! I need help. 7
need help defining dance styles 0
Joffrey Ballet Trainee Program 2
hip trouble - please help! 4
Going to a different place for post-high school dance/education 3
Travelling with your tutu..? 3
Las Vegas & Ballet... 1
Good College Dance Programs? 4
What do you need to be in a company? 7
Poll What type of teacher do you prefer? 15
how to fix loud couru? 2
Fulltime ballet schools 12
Joining as a Trainee 2

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