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Advanced & Professional Ballet

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Ballet Companies in the US who accept shorter dancers. 12
Artistry 3
I need help with another pique step... 1
Musicality 3
I have finally made it! 4
How was your ballet life. 1
Using recorded music- any legal issues? 2
Web presence- necessary for professionals? 4
Do I quit my company or no? I need opinions. 1
A bit of sanity???? 11
Why Are You On This Board? 20
UPDATE on : About ready to cry... 0
A little advice please on turnout and body structure! 11
Relationships- is it possible for a dancer to have one??? 17
About ready to cry... 7
help for bruised toenails 4
What have your teachers done or said that really inspired you in ballet class? 0
How do I deal with reality? 4
How do I deal with reality? 0
Pique turns that open into arabesque... Not working out for me. 19
I think I'm on the edge of a burnout! Have you felt like this before? 7
White Spot On My Toe Nail...? 1
Andrea.Bayne. 1
Childrens Ballet Theatre of MI Nutcracker 0
Noooo! 6

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