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Advanced & Professional Ballet

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Question about hamstrings? 6
auditioning for european companies 6
International premiere of "Nutcracker" by Canadian Ballet Theatre 3
Understudy....advice 6
An epiphany... now how to stop it? 7
Do You Know A Lot About the Different Companies?? 2
Has anyone here auditioned for a university ballet program? 4
PROPEL gatorade fitness water!!! IT REALLY HELPS TRUST ME!
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audition tours?? 3
Questions About Pre-Professional Programs... 4
Older Non-Dancing Woman... Dance Major? 7
Does anyone take most (80%+) of their ballet classes en pointe? 17
Ballet Videos at home? 6
How do you guys manage to find time for yourselves? 4
Anyone ever had a sudden confidence loss? 14
Short Survey! --I know you're all sick of these but... =o) --
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In your REALISTIC goal, what company do you want to join?
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High school seniors: Anyone auditioning for college dance programs this year? 0
First Ballet Company Contract 6
Velocity Dance Center Ballet 0
What is YOUR good reason to miss class?
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As A Profession... 4
Poll Extra Curricular Activities 2
I need your opinions on choosing beetween the most important things of my life... 12

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