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Being randomly asked out after abusive marriage and feeling bad about saying no 3
abusing animals--scared and need to get it off my chest 1
PLEASE delete this thread where I posted my CELL NUMBER 0
Favorite Dance Bag? 1
School decision 3
School decision 0
School decision 0
When should I give him some space? 0
What catches a judge's eye in a freestyle dancer? 0
What was your physical therapy experience like? Does this sound normal? 11
Poll How many Recitals does your studio have? and is everybody in each?
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Should brother disclose diagnosis for job application? 2
not advice, but something to keep you motivated during your recovery 0
Anyone involved in dance medicine? 3
please HELP!!! 2
I'm so SICK of no one talking about what depression/anxitey does to the spouses of those affected 16
I'm going to start lifting tomorrow. 7
suffered compression/burst fracture...losing everything I worked for...depressed... 5
How to turn down gig offer that is lowballing & unwilling/able to negotiate? 7
Need dating advice. 2
Why are my center leaps so awful and what can I do?! 0
How to lose five pounds in a month? 7
Friend is acting jealous over my new job and etc 0
Should I go to this party? 9
Is the sale of prom dresses still allowed? 2

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