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Bustier girls being able to appear less busty....Please help 6
Sick with a very low temperature 5
wanting to start dancing seriously, but dont know how to get parents onboard.. 5
Making my own costumes 0
Do you think this amount of classes is fair? 1
Best Performing Arts/Dance Colleges in London? 2
Being on a competitive team is a commitment, right? 2
Costume holding fees 3
I need another parent's advice.... 4
mum is worried about me excersising.... 5
Starting mini dance team? Need advice! 1
Looking for school in Edinburgh 2
Troy University Dance Team Auditions 0
Need Help Deciding on Which Dancing School? 0
How to figure out how my boyfriend's parents feel about me? 13
Needs parents perspective on song choice. Please help. 1
Chautauqua Institution Summer Dance Program 0
Looking for feedback on an online contest format 0
Dance parents - do you like or dislike Dance Moms? 10
Would you have children again, if you were given a chance to live another life? 15
how to explain to my parents Im moving out and getting married. 14
what are the best rhinestones for the price for dance costumes? 0
need wizard/magician costume (GIRL AGE 6) 0
is 8pm too late for an 10-14yrs olds class...? 3
Dance Focus??? (Maddington) 0

Page 3 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10