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okay why do parents do this... 24
Would you let your child pay for extra dance classes? 2
Ugh, on the fence about quitting my job (long story, sorry :P) 4
Tutoring-how much? 2
Asking a parent to restart ballet 2
parents rights vs childs rights 13
Trivial, but... Ideas on convincing my mom to let me get texting on my phone? 5
living away from home- kind of x-posted 4
does anyone have a ds cartridge with loads of games on the same one. 2
EMERGENCY! Activity for a group of 4 year olds. 7
Classes in another town? 4
washing machines.. 2
pull up front leg catch 0
Moving in with my Mom ?? 1
What questions would you ask of your child's teacher if they started music lessons? 3
do you think stepparents have rights too? 5
this is embarassing and I need help right now 5
help me 2
Dance Teacher Atending Competitions?? 13
18 year old teaching a kids ballet class 8
How to convince my parents to go to a SI/Year round program? (x posted to girls and guys) 1
How do I talk to my mum? 4
People who have volunteered before 0
How should I ask mum ??? 5
Parental boundaries? (and a slight rant) 4

Page 9 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10