Ballet - Pas De Deux! Ballet with a partner. Literally, it means "dance for two". Please upload images only if it describes your topic Be sure to check out and post new jobs & audition notices, workshops & master classes, and competitions.

Pas De Deux

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At what level do guys start learning to partner? 4
Tips for Pas? 0
First Pdd class yesterday! 1
How long should I be on pointe before doing Pas De Deux? 4
Is it to late for 18?? 3
Best intensives for pas de deux 1
Partnering workshop 2 images 9
What is the name of this music/pas de deux? 20
Any guys on here 18-20 yeears old ? 9
Requesting picures of pas de duex steps that can be done in formal dress attire for a photo shoot 2
Promenade in passe 5
Female as Male 2
What is the name of this lift? 3
Any studio or program just practicing on pas de deux? 0
First time for doing pas de deux this summer. Any advise? 9
Starting age for Pas? 9
Tips on finding a partner outside of studio? 2
Need Help La Fille Mal Gardee 0
Pas De Deux DVDs 1
is it better to learn PDD with an experianced partner or someone who just started? 6
Tips on finding the girl's center 3
Embarrassing PDD moments! 1
Iana Salenko & Marian Walter in Le Corsaire ( Donezk) 2
Kinda need a lot of help 2
Finding a partner, are male dancers getting shorter? 9

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