Ballet - Pas De Deux! Ballet with a partner. Literally, it means "dance for two". Please upload images only if it describes your topic Be sure to check out and post new jobs & audition notices, workshops & master classes, and competitions.

Pas De Deux

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I get to do pdd only once a year - what to work on during rest of year? 5
pdd partners 2
I had my first PDD class! 5
fav ppd dancers 2
How would someone get into this position?(Link to picture inside) 12
I would love to do Pas De Deux. 2
Simple lifts for Nutcracker 2
How old were you when you first started pas de deux??? 17
Too Heavy? 9
Best/Worst leotard type for pas? 14
Round I of the NYIBC (new york international ballet competition)? 0
one qns about supported pirouettes 8
Almost All Girl School -- No PPD 3
work on pas-de-deux in the summer 0
Back leg in Fish!!! 7
Poll How was your first pas de deux class? 6
Revise:Are you jealous of your PDD partner. 1
Revise:Are you jealous of your PDD partner? 0
Lifts 0
Help, my partner can't lift me 9
The Complete Picture Abum of Awesome Pas De Deux. photos!! 11
What to do if you're ever taller than male PDD partner??? 10
When to start PDD 1
Help with pas de deux for a guy 1
Be Pro without PDD Training? 16

Page 9 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10