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Reader Contributed New Routines

Props to: Agnessa!


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Choreography theme idea for a duet between an 18 and 10 year old girl 4
All star dance team lyrical song ideas 0
Ballet & Tap in One Dance 0
Music for 4-8 year old Ballet rain theme 2
Instrumental Music for a Modern Dance with a Latin Feeling 0
Need help finding Tap Small Group Music 1
Great Depression/Dust Bowl Mature Routine for Recital 2
Ice/Winter Contemporary/Modern Music 1
Fierce, Sassy Jazz Song with strong hits (ages 10-12) 2
mature lyrical solo song 0
Jazz/Musical Theater Song for age 16-17 competitive solo 4
In search of a song or 2, help please! 0
Looking for a song with a good rhythm/beat for a fusion piece? 0
Music ideas needed please! 4
Dance solo for performing arts a level uk 3
Ideas for a "Maestro" or symphony conductor theme (upbeat, hip hop or musical theater style) 0
looking for nursery rhyme music 1
Help please! 2
Dubstep in competition dance? 0
Instrumental music for modern trio? 2
Feeling Uninspired 0
Contemporary Dance Solo-Which song to choose? 1

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