Dance Colleges and Universities! Here's the place to discuss dance in college. Be sure to check out jobs & audition notices, workshops & master classes, and competitions.


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Sticky: I'm a Student at/an Alumni of, and you can PM me for more info! Please read before posting!
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Sticky: The Ultimate What To Pack For College List! 10
Design Student needing help with designing a dance studio 1
Major for Interest in Dance Physical Therapy? 2
Possible Research Topics for a Senior Project 2
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I need advice for my future in dance! 0
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Dancing in College 6
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How important are grad school rankings? 4
I am so upset about my grade. 20
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German questionaire - please help if you speak German 0
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UCO Dance Program 0
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Any Dance Teaching Schools? 1
Anyone regret NOT dropping out of school? 14
Must Haves For University? 2
How do you move your textbooks? 9
Getting a second degree? Advice needed. 9
Anyone else get a Bachlors of Science in Information systems? 6

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