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Anyone else get a Bachlors of Science in Information systems? 6
I GOT IN! 10
Appropriate gift ideas for thesis advisor/reader 2
Skype Interview - What to wear?? 11
Is it better to buy used books or to rent them? 11
Winter/Spring 2014 Schedules 6
Do you ever feel like you chose the wrong college degree. Graduates please. 24
Can I PM someone about graduate school? 5
Graduating soon should be exciting, but I think I might be more scared than excited! 2
Need advice about pursuing a Masters. 2
I have to make a decision about my university and course by Monday - please share wisdom! 8
Can I PM someone about grad-school and financial aid? 2
Amy's dance dream 0
I may be crazy, but I'm thinking about getting a dual master degrees... 10
Study motivation 3
Too old to be a dance major? (Cornish College or similiar) 10
Moving back to Ireland to attend university 1
How's everyone doing after graduation? 12
higher national diploma in advanced dance ***Completed :) 0
I Got In! 11
Is a 2.62 GPA going to affect my job search or Grad school? 7
PT and Dance Studio Owner???? Possible??? 4
Would you rate a person badly if you just didn't like them for personal reasons? 6
Accepted! 6
Is it worth it? 7

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