For many, dance competitions are a way of life. In this competitive spirit, let's have some friendly contests here. Contests can be about popularity, skills and talent. How about a Photoshop or HTML contest? Be creative! Rules:

  • No hurtful or tasteless contests (no "worst of" contests)

  • The organizer must upload a trophy graphic image to be awarded to the winner. This image should specify the name of the contest and be original. For example: a ribbon or medal that reads: "Winner Best Ballet Joke - Week of December 1, 2004" (In the future, the winner will be able to display this trophy in his/her profile screen.) This requirement can be waived if it is a photo captioning contest since the photo is the contest.

  • Do not post or use images that have a logo or watermark (like "Corbis"). Also avoid photos with website links or copyright notices.

  • You must specify a reasonable time for the contest to end. Minimum is one week.

  • Only the organizer can award karma, and only one karma point may be awarded per contest. You cannot make giving karma a part of the contest

  • No similar contests. Wait till the similar one has finished.

  • Only one contest per member. Wait till your contest ends to start another.

  • The contest must exist entirely on, do not ask people to email you information or photos!

  • Be a gracious winner and honorable loser. We can't always win. may officially sponsor some contests.


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A bit of fun! Design your own Mr.Men character! 43316CocoBWed Apr 15 11:41
Recital Program Cover Design 22522KenzieLuvDanceTue Apr 14 09:34
which one am i? 24672nicinoodleSat Apr 11 01:22
Help me find the best digital camera!!! 71028TwilightDancer95Tue Apr 07 10:33
Dance is ... 18656CinnawizSat Apr 04 09:12
Which Simpson Charater Am I? Ending date 1st of April! 23580CocoBWed Apr 01 06:59
Raffle contest
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261182littledanceellieMon Mar 23 13:09
The Helicopter Game! 1514146Chloe_DreamzSun Mar 22 06:28
Name My Hamster ! 19879LydiaKlassActSat Mar 21 13:25
Design a Dance.Net logo! 9908Charl_xxxxxWed Mar 18 10:40
guess which simpsons character i am! x 176191nicinoodleMon Mar 16 11:20
Best decorated cake
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279910DeeDeesMon Mar 16 03:06
Design The BEST Hoodie x 11792sophie_wardMon Mar 16 00:47
Most random band album cover contest! 14991RosettaSun Mar 08 17:37
pick winners and lock your posts! 2425nicinoodleSat Mar 07 11:16
Design me 2 disco costumes! 134457Charl_xxxxxFri Mar 06 11:58
Make your own unique shopping bag!! 7695hannah_xxxFri Mar 06 11:20
guess were the treasure is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20535littledanceellieTue Mar 03 17:46
Fashion Designer 4 images 1436MiffaDilemmaSat Feb 28 11:59
Guess the EASTENDERS faces :) PRIZES TO BE WON (ends 7/2/09) 11895Star_DazzleSat Feb 28 09:05
Find me a dress for St. Patty's! 5543BrittanySun Feb 22 07:12
Who can come up with the best contest?
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321753imadanseurSat Feb 21 09:38
Name this goat contest! (ends February 23) 23615tour_jete7Fri Feb 20 16:09
find me the nicest handbag! 9563nicinoodleFri Feb 20 07:14
make the best ddn homepage 7697littledanceellieMon Feb 16 12:44

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