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Hi, my name is Linh Ngo and I founded in 1996 as a place for dancers to share their love of dance with each other. I have taught hip hop dance to children, teens, and adults for over six years, and have danced with professional theatrical dance troupes Millennium 2000 and Motion Underground. I was able to combine this love of dance with my Computer Science & Engineering degree to make the first dance photo-sharing site of its kind. Today, we are the #1 internet destination for dancers, parents, teachers, and studio owners.

Weíve relied on advertising to keep services free, and when necessary, Iíve made up the shortfall with my own personal funds. But this approach has its problems: the third-party ads werenít always germane to dance, they slowed the site down, and a few unscrupulous advertisers sometimes slip through.

Introducing the DDN No Ads Donation Drive. With your help, we aim to get rid of all third-party advertising thus speeding up the site, avoiding the bad advertisers, and starting development of needed features.

Letís break down the donation drive costs:

$5,000/month for hosting and bandwidth: We have many of our servers co-located at various ISPs, and have been relying on cloud services to serve up images, and act as a backup database. As you can imagine, with an image-heavy site such as with millions of pageviews each month, thatís a lot of bandwidth!

$2,000/month for systems administration: all those servers need monitoring 24/7 and database and email management, and the software and operating systems need upgrading and security patches.

$3,000/month for software development to allow creation of new features such as a reputation system and improved costume sales and user interface.

Thatís $10,000 per month, and the goal is $60,000 for 6 months of being ad-free and focusing instead on new software development.

How is this possible? If only 6,000 of our 200,000+ members donated $10 USD, we could be ad-free for the next six months. If only 3,000 donated $20, we could achieve the same.

Not only that, youíll get one virtual currency called a DDN Coin for each dollar you donate. Youíll be able to use Coins to pay for existing services such as a name change, premium memberships, job listings, costume listing upgrades, etc. Weíll start converting those services to accept Coins going forward, and weíll update the list below.

Please consider contributing to the No Ads donation drive, and tell your friends and family. Together, we can do it! Thank you!

- Linh & Andrew

Donate to 'DDN No Ads Drive 2012' Please sign in to receive DDN coins and credit
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