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How has helped you succeed in your passion for dance, your career or business? Please share your story with us.

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Success Stories

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OMG I have a long list of things DDN did to me!! 3
thanks to everyone 1
I met my best friend because of DDN! 3
Dance Breakthrough 2
ddn gave me more time with my leukemia cousin 12
Thanks to you guys, I found my perfect pointe shoe! 0
I love DDN too! 1
DDN helped me to carry on and stay strong...THANK YOU!!! (" ,) 11
I've Met Someone Who's Been In The Same Boat As I Have 1
DDN Has Challenged Me, Humbled Me and Helped Me Be in a Movie About Ballet! 6
thankyou!! 0
Thanks Everyone!!! :) 1
Dancing in one performance that made me smile[happy] 1
Dancing is the one thing that made me happy..... 3
DDN has helped me through a rough year... 4
This is a story about me ( katie ) and my partner ( lauren ) lost our FIRST life at our 2nd comp! 1
DDN's helped me not to give up. 3
ddn helped me to feel happy and whole. 1
DDN has given me (realistic) confidence as a late starter 6
DDN helped me find penpal now almost best friend 1
DDN found me the ballet teacher of my dreams & helped my business 8
How dancing saved my life 13
DDN helped me deal with a tough time 4
DDN helped me gain enough confidence to start my own business 9
DDN helped me realize that I'm not alone... 5

Page 2 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10