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Sticky: How To Post A Debate - A Basic Guide 21
Sticky: Debating guidelines 12
Poll Should individuals be mandated to attend high school until they reach age 18?
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Service-animal imposters face crackdown 0
Nano, the girl who was born in the "wrong body" 3
UK has a nuclear bunker up for sale 0
Ferguson. Thoughts? 3
Out of town kids/adults for Halloween. 6
Drone Journalism 0
Should the Summer and Winter Olympics Always Be Held in the Same City? 13
New Arizona Discrimination Bill 16
Pros and Cons about the porn industry. 8
Where is the line, IS there a line, should there BE a line in regards to noisy kids in public? 6
Student requesting expemption b/c his beliefs do not allow him to meet women in public 2
CA Transgender Rights Law K-12 Schools. Boys showering with Girls 21
Stay at home wives. New status symbol?
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Should a childless employee trade off with someone for Christmas?
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Is Chinese Food racist? 9
Should people stop treating asians as a "model minority"? 1
The need to breed, should people on gov. assistance continue to have kids?
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Dear Amy post. I think it was a great reply 14
How early is too early? (Black Friday)
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Selling Christmas-centric items, is it rude to other religions? 13
Gender pay gap. What is your opinion of it?
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