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Should a natural born citizen be able to run for president? 2
Should Disney allow disabled people to cut to the front of the line?
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Should we, as a society, value modesty and humbleness more? 16
Do you support the US going into Syria or using air strikes? 23
Coke or Pepsi? Can you taste the difference? 19
Does attractiveness play a role in politics? 2
Miley Cyrus VMA awards.
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Do you believe that the "one child policy" should be implemented in countries? 23
Do you feel that medical professionals should make important health decisions for children? 13
The Ladder Theory 5
Do businesses have the right to ask nursing mothers to cover up?
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What should be the minimum requirements for voting?
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Should the minimum wage be raised (specifically in the US) 19
Employment and your physical appearance 14
Do you believe this Pro-life ad is too controversial? 15
Are manicures and pedicures a waste of money?
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Are engagement rings objectifying+ thoughts on diamonds in general? 24
Is teacher favoritism morally wrong? 11
What should be done in the case of the Georgia shooting? (Sensative subject matter)
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Bullying what do you see/ experience and how can we stop it? 3
United States budget cuts
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Mr. Paul Goes to Washington 1
What is your opinion, should this plow driver be hired for some reality show in New York or LA? 2
The Gun Control we go
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Should the psychiatric profession be the sole arbiter on mental health? (may be triggering)
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