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HOW TO DO FORMAL DEBATING + MOTION: This House Believes That Halloween Should Be Banned 16
iPhone contract for a child to sign 14
"if all of your reaction gifs are Black folks and you’re not Black…"
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What do we think about this proposal? 10
Poll Who would you like to see elected in the upcoming U. S. Presidental election?
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Do shows like dance moms damage or enhance the reputation of dance studio's 0
On trial for plotting cannibalism? 15
I can't believe this....comments?
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Controversial New Anti-Obesity Ads in Minnesota
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How old is too old for a parent to bathe nude with their child?
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The American Academy of Pediatrics has concluded that circumcision is beneficial
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Medical Advancement - Are we Dr. Frankensteins? 3
Teenagers getting plastic surgery to combat bullying, what do you think? 21
Let's discuss the elephant in the room shall we: Gun Laws. Should they be changed?
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These Ralph Lauren Olympics uniforms suck 22
Mom posts pic of daughters pretending to breastfeed, banned from FB 5
Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lesson...
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Do You Think It's Better To Raise Your Kids/Live In The Country, Or The City?
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Poll Life Support? If you had to make this awful decision, which would you choose?
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Should it be public knowledge if a child at your kids school has committed a crime?
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Social promotion versus grade retention 23
Should employers have to pay for disability/medical leave 11
Poll If someone causes a pregnant woman to miscarry, should it be concidered murder?
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Infant mortality in LDCs is natural population control 13
Should a woman get paid for being stay at home mother.
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