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Arthur Murray Danbury

“In 1979 my parents opened up the Arthur Murray dance center on Main Street in Danbury and it has been there for 36 years! For the last 7 years I have been the second generation owner of this particular dance center. Growing up I never really thought I would have anything to do with this business as an adult. I originally studied and received a degree in communications with a plan to pursue a career in public relations or radio broadcasting. As a way to stay active while looking for my career job, I started a training class at the Danbury location…and never looked back! I truly believe and value the way dancing can change a persons’ life and that is why I decided to make this my career. I very quickly because a top teacher in the Arthur Murray organization, finishing in 2006 as the number three teacher in the world. I then started managing and became a franchisee in 2008. Currently I am also a district leader and have been picked as an examiner for a new communications certificate that Arthur Murray is developing. I truly believe in the impact that dancing can have on someone’s life!”

Phone: 203-304-0371
345 Main Street
Danbury, Connecticut 06810
United States

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