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Master Dance Academy

MDA is a brand new state of the art dance facility located in North York, Ontario. Season one is coming to an end and there are so many different things that my faculty and myself have learned over the past 10 months. There is so much more to learn and develop within the industry that I have made myself an open book and eager to continue my dream on a journey that has been placed before me to continue learning and growing along with my business in its premature stages to be the best form of me that I can be. My true goal is to constantly update my knowledge and continue to take as many classes as possible to keep with the times. I am big on teaching my students the importance and meaning of INTEGRITY and to carry humility with them each step of the way. Classy , functioning young ladies and gentlemen is what I hope to produce within my academy . SURVIVAL , PERSIVERANCE, STRUCTURE, DISCIPLINE , CARING , DETERMINATION , PERFECTION WITH HARD WORK AND PASSION IS HOW I BELIEVE each dance studio should strive to instil into each individual dance student , with those life skills each individual will find the reason for their existence and know their purpose and calling for this life . Finding who you are through art is extremely magical and therapeutic to a childs spirit and soul. I try my best to continue being a positive role model for my students -keeping an open mind to be able to let each individual experience of each one of my dance families be as amazing, positive , professional as possible -then to break it down to the each single dance class that my studio offers on a weekly basis ..... making sure that the steps/movement of each dance lesson move perfectly with the music during the class not the class into the dance movements and choreography. Staying informed and most importantly CONNECTED WITHIN THE DANCE WORLD wins priority over anything else in order to instruct , choreograph , educate, MASTER, and create the ultimate legacy that I may pass on to the new upcoming generation of students and young dancers(SUPERSTARS). I feel blessed beyond words for being so lucky to embrace such a grand and prestigious honour in doing what I love as well as living my day to day life with the capability to pass on my passion to the dancers and students whom desire it the most!

Phone: 416-632-4632
Cell: 6479693100
205 Champagne drive
unit #5
Norht York, Ontario m3j2c6

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