Disco rocks on in the UK! Here's the place to talk about disco and disco freestyle. Please avoid writing netslang or netspeak since it is hard to understand! Netslang is abbreviating common words like "ur" for your. Please spell out these words fully.


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Janine Stones 12
Poll How long have you been dancing freestyle? xxx 9
So scared 4
gooood luuuuck!!!! xx 1
Dance Schools in Preston? 1
Costume maker in halifax area 0
can i have the web adress for phoenix dance school 0
help please x 0
London danceschools? 1
Do you get a ban if your dance teacher has asked your children to leave their school 1
Flexi help! 4
E petition re A18 1
help please! looking for an adfp registered school in southampton 3
Worcestershire dance schools?! 0
im a new member 4
Poll What age did you start dancing? 15
U/6 slow 1
Contact details for A.O.D Plymouth 2
Contact details needed please for lady selling bags/lashes etc LEASOWES comp couple of weeks ago 0
can you dance adfp with one school and istd with another if the istd school isnt adfp registered? 0
New Member 0
please vote for dancer to win style awards aginst a cage fighter 1
Who else couldn't go to a comp today because of the snow????? 1
go billey and kara got to dance 0
could you all tell me some dance schools in north east England please 0

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