Disco rocks on in the UK! Here's the place to talk about disco and disco freestyle. Please avoid writing netslang or netspeak since it is hard to understand! Netslang is abbreviating common words like "ur" for your. Please spell out these words fully.


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Things to take to antionals HELP!!!!! 0
Disco freestyle dance schools near Chester 2
Disco Kid 2012 0
Has anyone got Disco Kid tickets for sale? Sunday? 0
Poll Do any of you do ballet to help with freestyle dance? 2
Has anyone got any three day disco kid tickets or two day???? Pleaseee 0
p r e s t a t y n 2012 , w h o s - e x i t e d ?????? 0
Dance schools in Ipswich ??? 0
help my daughter win 0
Where to join? 2
Disco questionaire game 3! 0
At moment Al dancing mama stoning Sadie qqqqqqqq slow suit and going dizzy 3
Premier inn Room for Birmingham tomorrow night 29 0
Good Luck to my daughter Amber in your new dance school !!x 4
If your a prem in solo are you a prem in slow? Or do you loose lives from being a champ? 1
New Independent Draw Master 0
Train tickets for Craig Tara for sale due to Ban 1 Adult 3 Children from Euston to Ayr 0
Stritcly baby disco
Page1 2
Mia and Ellis now at Tiptoes Dance Academy 0
Looking for costume company to hold a stall? 2
Best place to buy a hair piece 12
Does any one have contact details for 'Nellie' 1
Wheres This Salford Dance School!?... 2
Stolen Costume!!!!! 15
Contact number for Stepping Out dance school 2

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