Get Well Soon

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Get well soon Joanne has tonsilitis 9
Oh No! Megan is going to Miss the Worlds - in hospital with a chest infection!
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get well soon paige been in hospital , may have glandular fever! 20
How long dose torn liguments and pulled tentents take to heal get well soon Miss Nikita
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Ahhh :( Pooor Mrss Pee!! Got a Sickness Bug & Missed the Redcar DK Qualifier :( Get well soon xxxx 24
Get well Soon our friend CHARLIE ECCLESHALL broke her foot!!! 8
Get well soon Gemma, in hospital all weekend and violently sick for three weeks! Xxx 2
***get well soon Thomas from Xtreme***(again!) 7
Get well soon Elouise from Energy Vibe 2 images 3
hope your feeling better soon maizie mouse xxxxx 13
Massive get well soon wishes for the lovely Emily Strang !! 20
get well soon sophie xxxx 4
Get well soon Thomas from Xtreme (got knocked over by a car yesterday!) 21
Get Well Very Soon Miss Emma Graham 14
Love to Maria for being a brave girl, having 3 fits in 6 weeks chin up bab xxxx 6
Get Well Soon Little Liv 16
I cant believe it, my life feels ruined after my injury! 14
Get well soon Lewis 2
Get well soon my Llittle sister WEE WEE having surgery today 10
Get well soon Gaynor!!! 11
Good Luck *Nikita & James* For Slow Pairs On Sunday ** 2
**a MASSIVE get well soon wish to miss CLARE WEYMOUTH... crutches again!!!** 14
Hope your Foot heals in time for worlds xxxxxxx 9
get well soon nicole lindsay 3
Get Well soon Charlotte Taylor (AWards) 18

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