Thank You

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thank you Gemma Kenny's Dance Central!! 0
Thank you to Lucylocket1 ! X 2
for Ellie Rose Q's New Sponsor Suit from Cirkis x 0
Thankyou to Danceworkz for giving Chloe a great send off, she will miss you all !! 4 images 5
Big Thank You to Bella Couture for Chelsea's new Slow Costume it is amazing 8
THANK u SO much Sarah of EMBELLISH for making MARIA EMMS look stunning.... 3 images 1
Huge thank you to OMG! FREESTYLE for Elise and Marika sponsor suits xxxx 2 images 0
A huge thankyou to Sophie, Chelsea, Katie, Jess and Maria for believing in me!!! 4
THANK YOU to everyone from DDN who has supported Carla Omozik throughout 2011!! 3
Thank you Janine for my 2 new costumes 2
chelseas new slow made by the wonderfull vicky barkess !!!! 1
thankyou to my 2 amazing teachers for getting me where i am !! 1
fiona and dennis are the best teachers in the world...QQQQQQQQ 6
massive thankyou to the amazing VB for olivia new suit its amazing xxx 8
Massive Thanks to all of Team Q xxxx 3
A HUGE Thank you to everyone who has supported me in 2011 in my dancing! 2
A big Thankyou to all 0
massive thank you to janes school of dance 4
thank you coco9 there still are some nice kind people on here about time we thanked them 8
HUGE THANKYOU to VICKY BARKESS for Sarais new suits 2 images 4
THANK YOU and goodbye dance world 13
Thank You - GERARD LEDWIDGE- another huge success Dublin 2011 2
Massive Thank You to Kerry Everatt !! 7
Thank You OZ HELEN & the mods! 1
Your chance to give a big shout out THANK YOU to your teachers!! 22

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