Thank You

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thank you JANINE so much for my new solo suit, love it to pieces! 7 images 5
Thanks to Steph, Fiona and Dennis for being the best teachers in the world. The only way is Quiietti 3 images 2
thank you FUNN for Cara's new slow 0
JAMES HOBLEY Retiring from freestyle competition. Goodbye and Thankyou everyone
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A massive Thank You to Cirkis for Hollies amazing new starter suit!! 3 images 1
xxxThe biggest THANK YOU ever to Miss Amanda Mitchell from all her TEAM EXPRESSIONS 10
Thank you so Much to FUNN for Elisa's beautiful new Solo & Slow! XXX 5 images 9
HUGE thankyou to Janine and the team !!!!!! 1
shadem thankyou 0
a massive thankyou to Jay Anderson and Paul Critchley (technique) 2 images 12
Thank you claire phillips and everyone at PHOENIX for everything ! 10 images 0
A Huge Thank You to Charlie Rawson for being an Amazing Teacher and Best Wishes for University xxx 2 images 6
Thankyou Dancing World On Behalf Of the FUTURE STARS 3
Massive Thankyou to Anna & Katie McCarthy! 0
A Big Thank You to Mr Paul Critchley & Mr Jay Anderson for a totally different unforgetable Day 14
THANK YOU so much for all demi-lees birthday wishes & support from you all over the years xxxx 7
MASSIVE Thank-you to Little-Rhiannon's sponsor for her new OUTSTANDING sponsor costume! 5 images 5
MASSIVE Thank-you for Annalise and Little-Rhiannon's *NEW* Pairs costumes!!!! 4
A huge thank you to MISS SHARRON MAXWELLxxx 3 images 2
Helen Perry Comp 3
thankyou to the most amazing designers 5 images 0
Thank you 0
Thank you Marilyn Munroe and JFK from 5 nations for the Daffodil xxx 0
thankyou so much janine 3 images 8
Thankyou to Miss Carla Porter from Premier Dance Academy 1

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