Emotions! This is a fun photo-oriented game. Every week in this forum, we pick an emotion. People then upload photos of themselves portraying that emotion. Performers of all types can learn a lot by viewing these emotions. And it's fun!

Note: Only photos clearly showing your own face acting out the emotion will be accepted. Large group shots or cartoons won't work and will be removed. Please post your new emotion suggestions as a reply to the sticky thread in this forum.


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Sticky: guess what i just did... 16
Sticky: If you post a new emotion.....you need to let one of us mods know! 8
So, I don't really know? What to you think, I am thinking??? 1
did u just ?????....... 2 images 0
Ehh...I don't think so. 0
Don`t touch me!!! 1
I can't believe I ate the whole thing!!
Page1 2
you want me to what?? 0
You want me to WHAT? actually do my HOMEWORK?! 1
YOU WANT ME TO WHAT? Straighten my hair??!?1 19
You want me to what? cover myself in mustard and pour a bag of cheetos over me... 10
You.....WHAT?!?! 3
you want us to what? share the cream cake?!?!?! 2
you want us to WHAT.............??? 3
New Emotion! "I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing!" 0
My CAT got bored and.. 4
YOU WANT ME TO WHAT?!? Act like my age? 0
YOU WANT ME TO WHAT?!?! Share my allowence? 4
OMG! I can't breath! 0
You want me to what? Dance naked with the leprechauns in a field of tulips? 5
You want me to WHAT?! ok Im thinking about it... 0
Crying is what I do best 4
You want me to what? 4
Heehee 1

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