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What is

Edited by webheadmaster (251) on 2008-07-05 14:55:54 Fix embedded html is an independent dance community on the web. We strive to offer dancers a unique fun & safe place on the Internet to learn about all dance forms and meet fellow students, dancers, instructors, coaches, choreographers, and studio owners. We have a diverse population with very young dancers to the young-at heart. is a labor of love. It costs nothing to join our community. Our software is unique in community-building features such as being able to comment and add your voice to virtually any message; features such as image and video uploading; member-created polls; private messages; jobs listings; events; moderators; member-authored feature stories; and more. tries to cover its operating expenses through the use of advertising. Commercial and promotional ads are not allowed in the discussion forums. Please contact to discuss your advertising needs. Jobs and event notices can be published for a small fee, or in some cases for no charge. Just visit the jobs & events page. Members are also emailed these notices in our free newsletter. Are you a writer? can always use another gifted writer. Send email to to inquire about the volunteer (unpaid) writing position. You will learn a lot and get great exposure for your writing. Please familiarize yourself with the Terms of Service which governs what behavior is expected here. The moderators use this guideline to help maintain a safe environment for everybody.
re: What is
By Gail4 Comments: 1, member since Sat Apr 14, 2012
On Sat Apr 14, 2012 01:51 PM
I know how the parent felt when it comes to whos birthday to put. I put my birthday.

re: Date of birth change
By Harmoni Comments: 55, member since Sun Aug 16, 2009
On Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:00 PM
Hi there, on looking at my daughters profile i have put in my date of birth 23/05/1969 and i wanted to put her birthday in
28/03/2004 is there any way you could change it for me please. Her name his correct Harmoni.


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How do I contribute a news story?

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We love to share the latest news with our readers. If you spot an interesting news item or have a well-written story, please click on Submit News in the main navigation bar. The item will need to be approved by the webmaster. Things that get approved are stories that benefit a large audience.
Who reads
Edited by webheadmaster (251) on 2008-07-05 14:44:21 Fix embedded html has an international audience. If you would like to inform people about upcoming dance events, recitals, performances, etc. in your area, use the dance jobs and events calendar. You can specify the location of the event and we'll show a map for people to follow.
How do I add links?
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Adding links is easy! Just visit the links page, and click on add link. Please type in the site name, url, and brief description. Note that links must be approved by the webmaster. This is usually done in 1-2 days. We would appreciate a reciprocal link.
How much do these services cost?
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Everything on is free, so participate on to educate yourself and others about your favorite dance, studio, and events! tries to recover some of its operating costs via the use of online ads. To advertise with us, visit the advertising page.
How do I promote or sell a product, service or web site on

We do not permit commercial advertising or promoting in the forums. If you want to sell or promote a product or service, send email to ads @
Who is behind
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Edited by webheadmaster (251) on 2008-07-05 14:59:17 Fix spacing is managed and edited by Linh; Jaime wrote the early feature stories and designed much of the graphics; See our current slate of moderators and read the biographies for our staff in the Staff page. Our readers also contribute original poetry, fiction and artwork. is always looking for talented writers. If you'd like to contribute a story or news event, visit the writers page, or email us if you'd like to write on a regular basis. has a savvy dance audience!
How do I add my dance event to the calendar?
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Only registered users can add dance events (registration is free and easy). Please click on the following links to publish your event:
I'm a professional in the dance industry, how can I tell your readers about an upcoming event/myself
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If it's an event, it's probably a good idea to add the event to the Jobs and Events Calendar. This is free and is displayed on our main page as upcoming events. If you would like to promote yourself or an upcoming show, then a front-page feature story is a great way to let our readers know about you and/or your event. You can contact the editor ( and if we agree, then we can do a story. This typically includes our staff interviewing you by phone or in-person, taking some photos or using some publicity photos that you provide. A quicker way, would be for you to write the story and include a photo. Then simply submit your story, and if it's well-written, has wide-appeal, and is just cool, then we'll approve the story.