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Poll Should there be a special 9-1-1 for writers? 4
Poll Do you keep a journal for random story ideas? 3
So I'm writing a story... 5
Short story... wrote it at the beggining of the year... 0
I know it's long, but would LOVE feedback 2
Story- Tracks (need feedback) 3
First post! Short story - comments? 5
sharing an excerpt 2
Loving Isaiah....old story i am rewriting. A teenage girl becomes pregnant and must make a choice. 4 images 13
Beginning of a story I'm working on (yes it has vampires, no it's not a Twilight rip off) 7
Just a question about a word 2
First person POV dilemma 3
Freddie - Short Story (PG-13 Lang.) 1
Here is a long snippet - Rated PG-13 (for implied nudity/stereotyping of male poets) 8
Question about population size of a mountain town 8
I really can't tell if this is good or not... (sort of PG-13) 6
Excerpt from my short story... 4
"When the Lights Go Out in Suburbia" ...oneshot for Writers Craft 2
Hate (I really don't love you)...oneshot 0
Questions regarding publishers/agents/manuscript styles 9
PM me if you all want a link to where some of my fanfiction stories are. 0
Frederick Gone Bad 0
My broken heart shattered 1
Through the Rain....a short story 3
My final fanfic posting: Battle by the Numbers- PG 9

Page 4 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10