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One Wish 3
The NaNoWriMo site forums are locked for a while... help please? 1
I really need some input. Which kind of teen book do you like more? 8
I am here 0
Many Different Stages....a short story. Please read and comment. 3
Where I Live 0
gather around DDN. it's story time. =] 4
Anyone Finished Breaking Dawn? 2
Winded 8
Poll Do you like to have a real person or a picture of your characters?? *Look At Post* 6
Survey: So what kind of contest would you like? 0
Writing contest, humorous 3
Dancers Within (new story)
Page1 2
Had a dream...wanted to take a small part of the dream and somehow write a story 5
Through Another Door, a new story 2
The Passions Between Us [A HP and Draco Malfoy Love story] 2
Excerpt from "Bluebirds", critiques greatly appreciated 1
A Day in the Life- PG-13 15
Lirimaer: A fan fiction I wrote on Lord of the Rings, Please READ AND REVIEW! : ) 0
1st attempt at a story (can't think of a title) 5
Somwhere A Clock Is Ticking 0
my first non-scientific writing in many years 1
Wonders of Oblivion 4
A Rather Gruesome Passage.. NOT FOR THE WEAK AT HEART! 2
smileywoman's Positive Points to Ponder (x-posted on poetry) 3

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