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Chaos. (PG13 Possibly?) 9
Poll Please help me name my young orphan girl who runs away with the circus 14
Electric Love 2
His Secret, Chapter 9
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What should I name the main character of my Shakespearean play? (It's a boy.) (I need to know soon! 0
Who wants to start a writing club?!
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Hansel and Gretel Archetype Story - Advice? 1
Name ideas...? Help me, urgent! 5
DDCC's Book! Please Read and Reply!!! 13
what would you like to read about? 1
Murder on Flight 3555,inspired but not copied from a 70/80s movie...flight..?..forgot 8
Devil or No Devil (a VERY close look) 1
Any NaNoWriMo participants this year? 6
*edited from last thread* Would you read my book after reading this? 10
Gaps and Crack ( kind of a PG 13 story) 3
Just a Chapter of a Story I Made 4
Is it OK to have more than one protagonist? 6
Do you use people you know as a basis for characters? 12
[Harry Potter]Dumbeldore...errr say What? (SPOILER WARNING!!) 2
Are there any good publishers for teens, or fantasy books, out there? 1
Looking for interesting novel by YOU to read! *doesn't have to be perfect* 1
What Do You Think So Far? (My story to be, hopefully) 5
Need Names? An Action-Packed Post with Ideas for Names Inside 4
I recently found out that one of my characters name's is already in another book! :o 3
Stranraer--a romantic short story 1

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