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The annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (I've been reading these for more than 20+ years) 0
The Radio Shop and the slave. 10
How do you choose names? 10
Leaving... A short story 1
Mute- story about a mute boy and a freindship like no other. improved version 1
Quick question... 1
if you read "The Christmas Shoes" trilogy and was sad when it ended... 0
A story about a girl who writes letters to her dead best friend. 2
A Completed List of My Novels 5
Excellent website for writing technique 1
Two Old Pieces 0
Harry/Draco Fan Fiction
Page1 2
Finished My Short Story - Yay - Now for the Editing part...YUCK 4
A list of words to use instead of 'said" and name ideas 13
Beginning of "The Esmerelda" 0
I called it "Someplace Hidden", but my prof liked "Strappy Gold Sandals" better so pick one! 4
Little Angel 0
Post Parts of Your Stories Here! (Feel free to give advice to others) 3
Need and Idea... for a Fantasy Fiction BOOK 9
Who had the best prompt? (read them inside) 1
The Harajuku Girl of New Orleans 0
Writing Prompts contest 11
so nearly there with my book 5
Beginning of my play 0
My Harris Burdick Story 0

Page 9 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10