Freestyle! Here's the place to talk about freestylin'. It's all about doin' your own thang on the spot. Only discussions here! Post your notices in jobs & audition notices, workshops & master classes, and competitions. Peace and respect!

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is there anyone on here from england thats into dancing.....preferably freestyle and hip-hop 4
i got a dance resitele coming up and i im stage fright. what do i do???? 3
Freestyling to Trance?? 2
Is anyone here white and ashamed of what another race is going to think of them? 9
im white english female 15 and a twin.our talent is amazing and the can we get noticed? 0
i can dance in the club but not in performances with big crowds 1
ciara or beyonce?
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i repeat some moves and dont do enough leg work when i dance 3
Anyone from the DC/ Baltimore area? 3
Did anyone see Omarion perform lastnight on the American Music Awards? 6
1st in hip hop 7
Free-stylin or battle routines? 2
Glide Tutorials and others 1
How to body roll? 3
how to do the tootsie roll 0
Songs to warm up 4
anyone?KNEE STUFF! and helping me with a soloist..... 4
who can dance better? Usher Raymond or Omarion Grandberry
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What Do You Do When?....... 6
Anybody excited about Ginuwine's next album(Back to Basics)coming out later this year? 7
Is Popping and Locking Breakdance?? 14
1st Annual Freestyle Friday Competition 0
need to learn how to dance 1

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