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Its that time again, help me get up the courage to go to the dentist. ugh 16
I am sick of not finding or talking to a girl
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I don't know how to swim 11
Having a hard time talking to a guy...need advice please! It goes so quick! 10
Partnering issues 1
Pointe shoe problems!!!! 3
How to say NO to my boyfriend from touching my private parts 6
Should I quit? 3
Do you think he'll come back after distancing himself? (and some venting) 13
The Best Pieces of Advice I've Ever Gotten 4
Need advice..never had a boyfriend im 23.. 1
Overanalysing! How do you stop yourself? 3
Tanning for eczema? 10
Missing My Extended Family 1
Convincing parents to let me go to 2 different studios? 3
Need guy and girl advice! 23 and really never had a long term boyfriend.. but there is one guy... 1
What to wear to a job interview for a position as a dance teacher? It's tomorrow! 3
Advice needed on travelling alone for the first time...scared :( 9
Not sure how to converse during the week? Need advice from girls and guys 6
My boyfriend thinks that dance is easy and teaching it is not a career. :/ 23
It feels like every time I am ready and truly committed to getting healthy I get injured. VENT 0
my husband's self destructive habits for relieving stress 2
A guy only key to your happiness? 6
Dating 5
Honesty about uncomfortable topic with BF: Advice Needed! 9

Page 3 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10