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Something cool that happened to me! 3
Spirit week costume idea? 1
Getting my nerves under control 0
iTunes 11 is driving me mad. Please help! 3
Why don't I like spending time with people anymore? 5
Should I drop this guy? 4
First bridal shower, Eeeeek! 8
Favorite Horror Movie 9
Buillding Strength for Lifts 0
Feel like I don't have friends 3
What is the most you have paid, or would pay, for a facial moisturizer/ oil control mattifier? 4
Online Dating Query 1
I'm a Professional choreographer/dancer. Ask me any dance/choreography questions 0
What side should I get my piercing on? 5
Have any night owls become morning people? 21
Best friends then relationship now trying to go back :o 0
What do I do next? 3
I don't know what to expect from myself 2
Need some advice from people in Edmonton or people who know Edmonton 4
How do I tell a guy I am OK with being just friends? 1
Cyber-bullying ex-dancer-boyfriends current dancer-girlfriend is making me miserable. 12
Why is it... 9
Break up books? 1
Should I ask to be moved up to the more challenging team? 6
Poll Which glasses should I get? 11

Page 4 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10