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Over sensitive and working with customers 5
Christmas gifts, should we tell the family we can't participate? 17
Do I have to invite my friend's husband to my party?
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I thought we were a bit too old for this junior high drama? 2
Christmas Gifts for Friends 1
My family is falling apart, and I want to correct it 6
So do I have a good party? 0
What should/shouldn't I put in a care package to Africa? 7
Conversing - cracking the clique 1
It's so much easier to be alone. Anyone else like this? 6
Question about black face 4
Friend of Mine Can't Get Rid of Clingy Friends 3
Balancing dance and cross country 5
Halloween Costume Question 3
What is your favourite love song? 13
Trying to be supportive, but don't know what they're going through. 11
He's dating a girl with the same name as me! 18
My roommates make no sense. Will someone help me make sense of them? 9
First Job Interview Ever! At Hollister 0
How do we tell our friend? 3
Care Package Ideas 2
Why do I feel so anxious at night? 9
Has anyone ever gotten microdermabrasion or used a microdermabrasion kit? 4
How to Quit My Job If My Friend is the Boss? 3
Question for Panic, Louise, and Heart. Writing Skills
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