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Poll What is a more impersonal way of saying happy birthday? Facebook wall post, or happy birthday text? 19
The guy I like just broke up with his girlfriend, would contacting him(as a friend) be awkward? 1
This is silly..but a guy is losing interest in me and it's making me sad ): 2
How to get a friend to let loose and have some fun? 6
Good friends's birthday - what to get her? 6
Maintaining energy and motivation during a long day? 8
New glasses - unsure about fit 4
Ankle Bracelets--What do you think? 24
I'm so tired of being single, how can I distract myself from this? 3
Question for all aspiring dancers, actors, performers 13
What kind of bug is this? Why is it in my bathroom? How do I get rid of it? 10
Living Agreement? 1
Gift giving advice? 4
Adopt a Soldier programs 8
What do you define as long distance? 20
Help With a Boy That Doesn't Dance 9
My best friend's twin is sick in the hospital, how can I support my friend ? 7
Activities for boys or girls 11
Getting a social life 3
Should I Be Angry with my Friend? 11
How much should you tip a hair dresser? 17
How can I put this in a nice way? 2
Does anyone have experience with nose jobs? 14
Engagement present? 3
how can I be friends with both? 2

Page 9 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10