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Birth Control, Migraine medication, and a missing period. 2
Quitting the birth control pill...want to hear your experiences please! 7
Question on big boobs dancers and leg extensions / flexabilty 6
Diva Cup 3
What do you do to boost your confidence? 17
Is this a normal thing to feel after the first time? 9
Pain during sex/ Blood hours later 1
Anyone scared of the gyno?
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Birth Control Question...(about hormones) 19
Niece used nair on stomach, breakout 2
Switching from relying on the pill and condoms to just the pill 15
Anyone used Implanon? 12
Bad experience trying to get BC. 13
Pill question, not sure what to do. 4
Sticky Bras? 7
What is the smallest tampon available for purchase (Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart)? 8
IUD Update 0
How do I tell a guy that I think he might have given me herpes? 7
Pros and cons of non-hormonal IUD? 14
Menstrual cups ad! Wanted to share it 4
How to tell my bf what I like without making him feel bad? Help me please! 3
does your partner contribute to birth control?
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Do You Trim or Shave Down There Before a Competition? 7
Am I under-reacting about this? 3
Switching birth control and heavy periods 0

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