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Anyone used Micronor or other progestin only mini pills? 1
Is spotting actually a sign that you should change BC pills? 6
Has anybody had experience with evening primrose oil? 6
Random period show? 3
Unusual Yeast Infection Questions
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Diva Cup 16
Poll Should I spend $35/month on an alarm system for my new house? 13
Insurance won't cover my Mirena - should I get the Paragard IUD instead? 9
Skipping a period? 3
Pill emergency (Help please 4 hours max!) 4
Sudden changes in period after being on birth control for a while 0
rough first month with Beyaz 1
Poll When On birth contol did you experience more of a weight gain or weight loss??
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Grown-up sleepover 5
Starting the pill a few days after Sunday. Am I rushing too much to get on the pill? 11
I'm a boob noob, and I have a question. 8
When do I start taking Diane 35/Dianette? 4
What is wrong with my body. At my wit's end 9
Another boob noob. Bra fitting? 14
Fixing inverted nipples 0
UTI - I'm feeling completely miserable 8
Poll Which Tampons work best for you? 21
Has anyone switched from Yaz to BeYaz? 0
Question for anyone who uses hormonal birth control to treat menstrual symptoms 5
Nuva Ring and cramping? 0

Page 6 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10