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Lesbian or horny girlfriend 4
help for a closet freak 5
Annoying 'best friend' telling everyone my business 5
Help me find this movie my boyfriend SWEARS he saw a commercial for... 4
Rusty Is A Homosexual...a cute story I found on my travels... 8
I did it. Finally. 3
I know you might not be able to help... I just need to get it out... 2
How To Watch Your Brother Die 5
Am I Ever Going To Figure Myself Out? 5
What should I think? 4
My ex bf's gf and i 12
Poll Are you celebrating Gay Pride Month 4
feel upset as i dont know how to help 6
Sexual Orientation in Males Determined Before Birth - New Study 4
"A Girl Like Me"...anyone seen it? 9
I want to come out to a few close friends but I don't know how to go about it...please help! 3
Feeling excluded and like you dont belong? 3
have you ever lost friends over this.......... 13
How do I ask out a girl? 2
Horible parent (rant) 2
How do I come out somebody help pleeessseeee! 4
US Senate is scheduled to vote on the Marriage admendment June 5th 3
My high school started a GSA!!!!!!!!!! 7
"I kiss girls cos the guys like it!"........???????? 22
follow up for He Just Came Out 2

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