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Guys in Ballet

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Should I bother? 22
hello first post 6
Practice at home 19
***540 jump!*** 2
Effect of running etc on ballet? 9
Poll Would You Enroll Your Son in Ballet?
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What Should I Practice? 4
ballet exams coming up on sunday 5
Balance 7
Capezio MT11 ballet tights 9
Men on pointe 3
Fitness advice needed 7
Can any of you guys do splits on both legs and in the middle? 11
red pointe shoes....kind of girly i know........but................ 3 images 6
Rob Dobson's essay "Dance Liberation" -a must read for all guys! 2
How many of you receive Scholarships for dance classes? 7
I am going to meet the moscow ballet and warm up with them!!!!!!!!! 1
Age and possibility question 10
Leg Extensions - I'd like to improve 13
UPDATE: Where I am in ballet + a new men's ballet site 6
Can any of you guys get a split when in arabesque? Or doin a backcatch? 8
Working out and ballet 2
To Shave or Not to Shave 4
Karl Heinz Martin shoes? 0
Feeling bad because my teacher thinks i'm good! 4

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