Health & Nutrition: Discuss dance health issues here. Remember that in dance, ambition, skill, and talent can usually overcome any limitations or obstacles you may face. Height and weight really don't matter as long as you're healthy. Weight/height may not be discussed here, due to the possible triggering effects among our members with eating disorders. Always consult with your family doctor first before relying on health information or advice!

Health & Nutrition

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Sticky: The Ins and Outs of Eating Disorder Recovery
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Sticky: What to know about being vegetarian
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Sticky: ~Complete~ FAQ, please read before posting! 5
Wellness challenge ideas 5
I Can't Believe I Broke My Wris Againt 21
Good, Healthy Recipes (also eating healthy w/ a budget and a family that isn't as healthy) 0
II Broke My Wrist-Couldn't Believe the Extent of the Damage 20
So, doc kind of undersold that one... 4
Dancing and Pregnancy 0
Vegetarian my whole life, starting to eat meat, feeling guilty 3
Tips on getting and maintaining energy for practice 2
Could a glutening last this long? 4
Different sized eyes - anything to worry about or just a cosmetic quirk of my face? 2
How to lose five pounds in a month? 7
How do you know if you have a bladder infection? 17
What should I do 2
BMI is so freaking off for me?! Bod pod testing 4
Body wrap for "weight loss"? 6
I'm having my first colonoscopy. Have you ever had one? 22
Fitness and diet routine. Your thoughts? 10
School, work, and staying in shape 2
Two Hundred Ninety-six
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Suddenly... awful skin?! 10
How many calories does dancing (specifically tap) actually burn? 0

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