Health & Nutrition: Discuss dance health issues here. Remember that in dance, ambition, skill, and talent can usually overcome any limitations or obstacles you may face. Height and weight really don't matter as long as you're healthy. Weight/height may not be discussed here, due to the possible triggering effects among our members with eating disorders. Always consult with your family doctor first before relying on health information or advice!

Health & Nutrition

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Just got Ambien prescribed 6
Duac Gel? 0
Ballet and Diabetes?? 4
Anyone do Paleo diet? 14
Wondering what anyone can tell me about acupuncture/acupressure 8
Recurrent water infections 12
Favorite fitness/weight loss app 5
Seborrheic Dermatitis 10
What are some good workout DVDs? 12
Weight loss and boobs. 1
Kind of gross but... fungus 3
Athlete's foot that won't go away? 17
Uncontrollable Cravings for Nuts. Am I NUTS? 13
Getting tested for celiac 12
Chest infection? Been going on for months - long. 5
Migraines? 8
Asthma (probably allergy induced) 8
Anyone on Seroquel? 8
Sodium 0
Ugh...I hope I'm not developing bronchitis 7
please share your thyroid issues and various strategies you've learned over the years to cope. 0
The "Do You Have Nutrition Challenges" Thread (Gluten Free, Insulin Resistance etc.) 7
This headache is so bad I want to cry 9
Have you lost 10kg/22 pounds or more? I need your help :) 11
i'm tired. 7

Page 10 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10