Health & Nutrition: Discuss dance health issues here. Remember that in dance, ambition, skill, and talent can usually overcome any limitations or obstacles you may face. Height and weight really don't matter as long as you're healthy. Weight/height may not be discussed here, due to the possible triggering effects among our members with eating disorders. Always consult with your family doctor first before relying on health information or advice!

Health & Nutrition

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Low/No Carb diet and an active lifestyle 3
post your best lunch/dinner! 0
Foam Rollers 8
post your best breakfast! 18
Hives?! 9
Please tell me I'm doing the right thing 6
Good Heart Rate Monitor? 1
If I have to answer to you guys, I might stand a chance! 16
I need help with IBS 10
PCOS complications maybe? Need some opinions please 7
Sinuses and long haul flight 6
Cold/ Possibly Flu 3
Born with curves 10
Random pain behind my! 1
Hypothyroidism and Symptoms 6
How to convince your family to stop buying junk food? 7
I cannot for the life of me stop eating candy. Please help me. 8
Has anyone else suddenly developed food sensitivities? 21
I need an excercise/healthy eating buddy! 3
Vertebra in Spine Cracking? 4
What do you blend? Cleaning up my diet! 5
looking for low sodium foods that any of you have come across 2
people who think healthy food is an all-or-nothing decision 23
Giving up dairy 24
Heart rate up when exercising, but not tired? 7

Page 8 of 101 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10