Health & Nutrition: Discuss dance health issues here. Remember that in dance, ambition, skill, and talent can usually overcome any limitations or obstacles you may face. Height and weight really don't matter as long as you're healthy. Weight/height may not be discussed here, due to the possible triggering effects among our members with eating disorders. Always consult with your family doctor first before relying on health information or advice!

Health & Nutrition

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Hydroxycut Elite causes anxiety attack? Natural alternative to this product? 5
Feeling faint after showering 8
Do you eat small meals throughout the day or 3 large meals? 20
Trying to get healthier! But weird problem with calories? 8
Slightly underweight--want to gain weight, but eating so many calories makes me full fast. 12 me calm the heck down? 13
Ear Infection 6
Heavy sweating 3
Anyone else feel sick when cold? 1
How do you find a good walk-in clinic in a city you don't know? 9
Finally! I'm able to breathe! 3
Meal Planning Apps 0
When you're having a bad weight day...encouragement from DDN!!! :) 3
EXERCISE (NOT weight loss) buddy for 1-2 months 2
Narcolepsy? Epilepsy? Epsy Epsy? 12
Wide Waist Blues. 3
Melatonin 16
Weight Gain- How to combat and reverse it safely? 3
How to recognise ED in friends? (mods, pls delete if triggering) 2
Hypothyroidism??? 6
Diagnosed with asthma 1
Anyone speak Chinese? herbal medicine help 3 images 6
Breast Reduction
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Fluid Retention 0
Uneven Weight Loss 7

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