House Dance! Here's the place to talk about house dance: the playas, the moves, the music. Only discussions here! Post your notices in jobs & audition notices, workshops & master classes, and competitions. Peace and respect!

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foundation of house? 2
THOSE REALLY TRYING TO DO SOMETING!! IF you already haven't!! Kartrina hurrican help! 0
Anyone familiar with the New school House...??? 8
House Music Styles (and how they affect your dancing) 5
How important do you all feel about the tricks and acrobatics in the House style? 17
Drinking/drugs and dancing?? 12
capoeira in house 11
zoheir house video 8
Floor Diving 5
So where's the spots for house music and of course dancing in NYC? 7
citroen dancing robot commercial 0
Zoheir House video song??? 0
House? 2
Taking glucosamine supplements 4
House clip (Tokyo Dance Magazine) 16
Any of you all remember Old School House artists like...... 0
aloha from hawaii... 2
African Traditional in House 2
I need help with music!!! 3
who would be in the best celeb dance group 13
houston rappers 0
**MR_fanny**Plea se Read** 5
Jessy's pic 14
what if... 2
House Dance Workshop - july 30th 0

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